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Team RSF

RSF offers avenues for veterans to change their high-risk behavior into positive and goal oriented hobbies. We have Precision Rifle, USPSA, and 3 Gun shooting teams as well as a competitive physical activity team.

Mentoring and Networking

RSF conducts networking and mentoring seminars with successful veterans from various industries from law enforcement, entrepreneurs, corporations and PTSD professionals in order to assist with the transition from military to civilian life.

Emergency Financial Funding

The Recon & Sniper Foundation provides financial assistance to Active Duty, Veterans and their families to help alleviate the financial burdens and stress they may face during their most difficult and vulnerable times.


The R&S Foundation focuses its resources on emergency financial funding, professional development, career mentoring, and active network building. By partnering with former Veterans Affairs employees, veteran employment NPOs, corporations and individuals, we are able to provide accepted veteran applicants with a supporting infrastructure that accelerates their transition home. Additionally, we have an active network of over 1,000 Recon Marines, Marine Raiders, and Scout Snipers that our applicants can lean on to rekindle the brotherhood they left after service. For many veterans, losing connection to their teammates after service creates a void in their lives, and acts as an initial barrier to a successful transition home. Our network of Recon Marines, Marine Raiders, and Scout Snipers spans the country, and our members can help accepted veterans surmount the obstacles precluding them from a successful transition – empowering them to achieve excellence once again